The Power of Two Teachers

The Power of

Last night was the rehearsal for my voice students with their accompanist.  She is a brilliant accompanist and an awesome woman to work with.  She also has taught beginner voice, which is a huge plus.  Some teachers don’t like their coaches to help out, but hear me out.

As a teacher you are going to get tired.  You know what your students are doing wrong and you’ve been trying to fix it all year, but whatever you’re saying isn’t sinking in.  It doesn’t mean you’re a bad teacher.  Sometimes your student needs to hear it said in another way from another person.

Festival season is a great time to bring in another teacher for a day.  Have a masterclass, or switch students, whatever works for you.  Talk to other teachers and find someone that you trust.  If you sit in on the lesson you’ll probably walk away with a few tricks you can use in your studio next week.

If you’re new this, follow the link for a good explanation of the difference between an accompanist, coach, and voice teacher.  Follow this link for a larger discussion about why musicians are confused about the roles, and why you might want to be more fluid about how you see them too.

Two teachers can be a win-win situation.  New ideas.  Happier students.  Better Performances.  At the end of the day, that’s all we can really ask for as teachers.

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