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Hi there!  I’m Kristen, a singer & music teacher turned your music teacher mentor.  When I started teaching voice & piano I was very lucky to have a supportive group of women to answer all my questions about the business.  Not everyone is so lucky.

I started this website to be a community where music teachers new and old could get advice on running their business.  You know how to teach and be an awesome musician, I’ll show you how to run a better business.

Seriously, stop spinning in circles and tearing out your hair hoping that THIS is the year you get organized.

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Music school prepared me to be an opera singer.  However, it didn’t prepare me very well for the ins and outs of being a freelance music teacher.  One course on vocal literature and an occasional workshop or two does not make for a confident music teacher!!  (Sound familiar?)

Over the last 13 years I’ve been learning what works and what doesn’t, and want to share that knowledge with you.  I’ve taught in small towns, large cities, private classes, group classes, and had studios as small as 10 and as large as 60.

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