How Music Teacher Mentor Was Born

It was the third time I’d been asked to start up a small musical theatre-type singing group for kids, and I didn’t know what to do.  My family situation demanded that I cut back on teaching for at least a year, and economics demanded that we move to where my husband could find a job.  Obviously I should say no, but that didn’t solve the bigger problem.  Small communities want to have music, but its often hard to find and keep a qualified teacher.

I had all the skills to give the community what it needed, but I just couldn’t stay.  Where would I find another music teacher to replace me?  Then I thought: Maybe there is already somebody there who has enough music skills, but they don’t have someone to mentor them and give them the confidence to start.  God knows I’ve often wished I had a mentor for some of the things I’ve encountered that we didn’t learn in music school.

This blog is for you.  Music Teacher Mentor is there to answer your questions as you get started in the world of private music teaching.  Maybe you’re a music school grad opening up your first studio, or a small town musician with grade 8 piano and no one else to teach, or even a seasoned teacher looking for new ideas and a community.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Join our community.  Get ideas and advice, then pay it forward and mentor others wherever you are.

Musically yours,


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